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Meet Sohail

Guest at Shelter City Zwolle in 2021

The human rights defender which is currently hosted in Zwolle is Sohail from Pakistan. Sohail was wrongly incarcerated for around ten years. After he was released, he committed himself to help ex-prisoners to reintegrate. Now he works for “Justice Project Pakistan” (JPP), a local organization, which deals with the rights of (ex-)prisoners. JPP investigates the topic of human rights violations and supports victims of it. Sohail’s goal is to build a ‘healing center’ back in Pakistan, where former prisoners receive support. During his stay in the Netherlands, he aims to network with similar organizations and to learn from them.

SOHAIL UITGEKOZEN-2224 website.jpg

If you are interested in hearing more of Sohail's story,  listen to this podcast made by the BBC: Outlook - After facing death row, the inmate who turned investigator - BBC Sounds

You can find out more about JPP here: Home - JPP

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