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Press freedom and human rights activism are not well received in Honduras. Journalists and human rights defenders in the country often suffer from threats, harassment, and brutal acts of violence. Between 2001 to July 2020, at least 86 journalists were murdered, while 92% of the killings remain unpunished. Despite passing a law in 2015 to protect human rights defenders and journalists, their rights and freedoms continue to be violated by many, including the Honduran government.

But these dangers will not prevent Tomy, a human rights activist and journalist, from continuing her work to fight against violations of women’s rights, freedom of speech or land rights for indigenous peoples and seek justice through her journalism and activism. Regardless of the threats she faces, she does not intend to stop any time soon.

“Being a human rights defender is extremely satisfying. But first, you should take into serious consideration such a decision.

I have no hope, only desperation for Honduras. But I won’t give up my work.”

Tomy stayed in Shelter City The Hague in 2016 and took that chance to rest and recover mentally and psychologically from the challenges that she had endured. Her stay at Shelter City granted her the opportunity to improve her language skills, as well as her knowledge of digital and physical security.

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