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Although the LGBTI+ community in Zimbabwe continues to grow, the community remains under pressure, with LGBTI+ persons facing severe discrimination from their families, authorities, and society, causing them to suffer from homelessness, harassment, and violence. Discriminatory laws in place against same-sex relations only prolongs the harm caused to the community and despite efforts advocating against such laws, the situation remains the same. “We've tried to change laws in Zimbabwe and we've failed.”

As someone who advocates for LGBTI+ rights, Mojalifa and his colleagues are often targeted for their work. Zimbabwean security forces closely monitor his organisation, as well as its members and offices. Yet, despite all the dangers that surround their work, he believes “there is hope, even if we're struggling in Zimbabwe at this moment, there is hope because countries like the Netherlands have done it.”

"I've been working for so long and a great part of my life has been dedicated to human rights work and human rights defenders. But I'd forgotten a lot about my wellbeing. These 3 months made me realise that it's very important to look after yourself. I can only do it for others if I can do it for myself. I can protect others, if I can protect myself. I can be strong for others if I can be strong for myself." 

Mojalifa stayed in Shelter City Tilburg in 2021. He took this opportunity to rest and focus on his wellbeing, while also reflecting on his work and security situation. During this time he met other human rights defenders, organisations, and donors, spoke publicly about his work and the human rights situation in Zimbabwe, and learned more about the work of the LGBTI+ community in the Netherlands.

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