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Lookkaté is young, but the abuses she has endured have made her a fighter. In 2014, when the military took over Thailand, the country began to witness countless human rights violations. Lookkaté was among those who became a victim of the military government's injustices. She was sexually abused, unlawfully prosecuted and detained, and prevented from travelling abroad.

Today, the human rights landscape in Thailand remains fragile with government-imposed restrictions on civil and political rights, limits against freedom of expression, and the arrest of democracy activists, including the youth. As a human rights defender, Lookkaté monitors and reports violations of democracy and works to build a civil movement with youths and networking groups across Thailand. Through data reporting, sharing information, and campaigning on human rights issues, she works with international organisations to create awareness about the country's situation and improve information exchange on a regional and global level. 

"My dream is to see myself in the Thai movement and to open the space for everyone to decide what they want. I want Thai people to feel hope again. If we want to save the country, we need hope. If we don’t have hope, we don’t have anything."

Lookkaté stayed in Shelter City Maastricht in 2017 and used the opportunity to rest and re-energise, as well as to share her story and raise awareness about the situation in Thailand as it was then. Her stay allowed her to expand her international network by connecting with other political movements and human rights organisations.

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