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The LGBTI community in Nigeria is faced with difficult challenges as they neither have legal protection nor are they accepted in society. Nigerian law prohibits sexual relations between same-sex individuals along with public displays of same-sex amorous relationships, with Northern states even imposing death by stoning. As a result, few LGBTI Nigerians are open about their sexual orientation, and those who are, often face threats and violence. LGBTI women, in particular, are forced to endure harassment, threats, assault, and are grossly stigmatized by others for having a sexual orientation that is considered against the norm. As a young women rights defender and LGBTI activist herself, Judith has suffered from much of the discrimination directed against the LGBTI community.

“In Nigeria, you constantly have to worry about what you do, with who you are, what time you go out, what time you return.”

But Judith wants to change that. She works tirelessly to build a relationship between members of the LGBTI community and those on the outside. Through her work, Judith provides free legal support, mediation, psychosocial support and counselling to members of the LGBTI community. Today, she continues to actively defend and advocate for women’s rights and LGBTI rights.

Judith stayed in Shelter City Maastricht in 2017 and was able to re-energise as a result of her stay. Her stay provided her with the opportunity to connect with others going through similar hardships and allowed her to gain knowledge on digital, physical and psychological security to better cope with the daily challenges she faced.

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