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Shelter City

Shelter City is a global movement of cities, organizations and people who stand side by side with human rights defenders at risk. We offer them a safe and inspiring space where they re-energize, receive tailormade support and engage with allies to reinforce their local actions for change.

Shelter City was founded in 2012 by The Hague-based human rights organisation Justice & Peace Netherlands as a concrete and accessible way to support human rights defenders at risk. Today, it is a growing global movement of 21 cities around the world, including 13 Shelter Cities in the Netherlands. To date, Shelter City supported over 400 human rights defenders from all over the world.

In 2022, Shelter City celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

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Daniella van Bergen

The portraits in this exhibition are made by Dutch photographer, Daniella van Bergen. Daniella has worked with human rights defenders in Shelter City and with Justice & Peace for the last 7 years. Through her vibrant and powerful portraits, Daniella hopes to amplify the voices and the very human stories of those she portrays.




The exhibition

The idea for a traveling outdoor exhibition was first created by Shelter City Zwolle, including the students and Shelter City partners from Windesheim Honours College and the municipality of Zwolle. 

Together with Justice & Peace Netherlands, the founding organisation of Shelter City, and with support from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, the outdoor exhibition could be realized. That is why in 2021, this exhibition will be on display in various Shelter Cities in the Netherlands. 

Read more about Shelter City Zwolle's guests below:

Meet Rose                    Meet Sohail 

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